Amaryllies Questionnaire

We at Advent, strongly believe that a brochure should not only look good, but should also contribute to the strategic positioning of the property in the minds of prospective buyers vis a vis the competition. Towards that end, the following info will help us brainstorm the core propositions of the project that we will highlight in your brochure. Please type / select your responses & hit the send button at the bottom.

Which are the major projects in the same area that could be alternative options that could be considered by buyers & what are their main strengths & weaknesses vis a vis our project ?
What are the major aspects of the layout design that stand out at Vivansaa Amaryllies ? ( macro & micro )
Which of these layout design design features you believe are worth highlighting strongly ?
Please describe the target audience for you campaign in terms of its demographic & Psychographic attributes :
Please DESCRIBE the location of the project
Please furnish us with the Latitude & Longitude of Vivansaa Amaryllies project location. This will help us locate & study & location on Google maps & other services
A - Location Advantage in terms of SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE
B - Location Advantage
C - Location Advantage in terms of Business & Economics
D - Location Advantage in terms of Accessibility ( internal & external )
E - Location Advantage in terms of Appreciation
F - Other Location Advantages
A- Amenities
B- Amenities
C- Amenities
D- Amenities
E- Amenities
A - Specifications
B - Specifications
C - Specifications
D - Specifications
E - Specifications